Week 7 Discussions! (Audrey)

Hey everyone! It's week 7 of 8 already, and we're getting to the really good but also sad part of the book ohmygooooood the book is going to come to a close soon. So, let's discuss chapters ten to fifteen!

  • What do you guys think of Hazel's t-shirt-- "C'est ne pas une pipe"-- and how she connects the same idea that it's merely a representation of the pipe, not the pipe itself, to An Imperial Affliction?
  • What is going through Hazel's mind when Augustus reveals that his cancer has returned? Since this makes Augustus a "grenade" now, how do you think she is taking the information and the sudden switch in relationship roles (as Hazel was previously the grenade, and now Augustus is.)?
  • What is the significance of the "Funky Bones" structure in the park? Did you realize what it meant in the beginning of the book? How do Hazel and Augustus look at them differently after all that has happened?
That's all I've got for tonight. Looking forward to next week! (hahahaaanonotreallythisbookispain)


Scott Dietzler said...

As far as that shirt, it reminds me of Augustus' cigarette thing. He is only putting the cigarette in his mouth, not actually smoking.

Now that they're both grenades, maybe they could just freakin' be together without all of the "oh I just don't want to hurt you" bulls**t.

When they first went to the "funky bones" structure, it never even occurred to me that they were both dying. The only thought I gave it was "hmm that would've been really cool to play on." But now, death is everywhere for them, even in this child's structure.

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