Discussion Leader: Week 6 (I think?!)

Hi guys,
Hope everyone enjoyed their reading for the most part. :) So:

1. At this point do you think Hazel loves Augustus? Do you think she's in denial that she does? Or that she's afraid to love him due to the repercussions of her dying at some point? All of the above? Explain.

2.What is a kiss on the cheek to you? Does it differ based on the person it comes from and also the way they completed the action?

3. What takes place in the Anne Frank house? Why? (This question might be too early, sorry left my book in the car, it's too late to get it)

4. In the section you read, what part of the book spoke volumes to you?

Good Luck guys! Goodnight!


Kathy Z said...

1) She's already in love with him and she has been since soon after they met, but she won't admit it for fear of hurting him.

3) A kiss on the cheek to me is the equivalent of holding hands. If done by a family member or a friend, it's entirely platonic. If done by a romantic interest, it's potentially a sign that they're interested in you.

3) This question is too early to discuss right now. :)

4) Hazel's character in general speaks to me, with the depression and the fear of hurting people. While I know that I'm certainly not as unfortunate as she is, our situations are slightly similar.


Audrey Lu said...

1) Yes, yes, and no; Hazel is very much in love with Augustus at this point, just in denial for fear of including him in the very small radius of impact she knows is inevitable in her grenade-like mindset.
2) I've always seen the action as platonic, but of course it can always be read into further (as it should be in this case).
3) too early, but a good question!
4) Small actions do a lot of talking. The small kiss on the cheek, simple and almost innocent but also kind of loaded. It confirms a lot of Hazel's feelings in a few sentences.

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