Discussion Leader Week 8 - Kathy

Hi everyone! Hope y'all had fun finishing up the book! just kidding i know you didn't

So I have some discussion questions for everyone today. :)

  1. Why do you think Hazel switches from calling Augustus "Augustus" to calling him "Gus" in this section?
  2. Is the book entirely tragic or can it be viewed as uplifting?
  3. Does the ending of the book meet your expectations based on the set up given? Why or why not?
  4. Would you consider this book to be one of Hazel's hated "cancer books", or do you think it holds deeper meaning than just that?

And that's my final post for this project. It's a little sad... But at the same time it was a great experiment and it was so fun to blog about a couple of my favorite books.



Scott Dietzler said...

1) Because the name Augustus is meant for the young confident charismatic boy. But by the end of the book he's just a skeleton of himself.

2) That's really all up to whoever reads it. Just like not all people who view a painting see the same thing. When I read it I just saw a testament to life, the good, the bad, all of it.

3) Hell no. People kept telling me "Oh my god! You're going to cry your eyes out!" But... nothing. I mean sure it wasn't a happy ending, but it was no Looking for Alaska.

4) I'm not really sure. Everything she said about "cancer books" was from the perspective of a cancer survivor, which I am not.

Autumn Skye said...

1. Gosh, even in the words Hazel says to him, are beginning to become parts and lose pieces, like Augustus himself.

2.That opinion rests in oneself. It's both, beautifully sad, because though their love was short-lived, it is a forever love, and it will go on and live in others memories.

3. I expected it to be sad, because Hazel would eventually pass away, and Augustus would have loved her till the end and long after.

4. I'm with scott, I'm not a cancer survivor so I'm not sure. But, I think this book is more about love and friendship then death. Maybe Hazel would describe it as a death book, but it's more okay a then other's because the book says this sh** happens, but there's love, and there's so much that love can do.

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